Why do you need to know about my creditors?

Pre Filing clients will fill out a budget online that discusses their income, expenses and a listing of their creditors. We want to know all the debts that you and your spouse have, even if you are a single filer and even if they aren't going into the bankruptcy. This will give you a picture

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I have not received my certificate!

We deliver your certificate to you based on the preference you choose when you set up your account. We deliver by email, fax, or mail and we will also send a copy to your attorney if you provide their information. You will also be able to login to your account after completion and download a

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My debit card will not work!

Are you entering the information in the right format? Be sure to enter just the 16 digits of your account number, no spaces or dashes. Fill your expiration date in the following format: 00/00 with two digits for the month and two digits for the year. Are you using a credit card? Sorry, we only

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I can’t log into my account!

Are you logging in to the correct course? We offer a course in ‘Pre Filing Credit Counseling’ and ‘Post Filing Debtor Education’. Each course has a separate account with different usernames and passwords. Please click the login link on the menu bar at the top of the page. You must select the appropriate course from

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