Testimonials From Our Clients

Thank you. Very helpful. I wish I would have had this course when I graduated from college!

Mark H.

This information is very well organized and well written. It was very easy to understand. Thank you

Kristy R.

The course was very informative and enlightening while reinforcing and clarifying some financial knowledge already known.The course was also easy to follow and loved the fact it was convenient for my time frame..I would recommend it to others .

Judy M.

Thank you for teaching me how to become a better more money managing women. love you !

Donesha N.

I am glad you make this program mandatory. We learned some valuable information.

Vickie H

I had found this post bankrupsy course to be extremely informative on how to create a better budget and to get on financial track on better spending habits and to be able to purchase a home down the road.

Andrew F.

Thank you so much for helping me rebuild my life and my credit history. God Bless you and all of your family.

Stephen J


David K.

Thank you; I really needed this training course! I will use all the new skills I learned to manage my finances successfully!

Resheeda P.

Great course! It should be taught in elementary and middle school and an advanced course in high school.

Angelique C.

This course was very informative I’ve learned a lot about the rights I have as a consumer. I’ve learned to manage my money in the proper way to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

David P.

I am very satisfied with the course; particularly with the flexibility of the course hours as well as the clear and concise method in which the course material was presented.

Dennis G.

I learned a lot of financial information on credit, insurance and saving I did not know. Very good learning experience and knowledge to keep. Thanks!

Marilyn M.

The lady name Pimolrat was so nice, so polite, and so helpful. So generous!  She is the best. Thank You!

Emily S.

What we have learned will be a guidance to our new life wherein we will start again but, very wisely and effective for every steps of our lives. We thank you and I hope we will be succeed at this time on our financial goal.

Edward G.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and did learn new things to help in the future.

James P.

very useful…should be mandatory for all people when they turn 18 to prevent financial hardships and mistakes…should be a course in school as well

Jason P.

I particularly appreciate the consumer protection section. The suggestions for monitoring credit and preventing identity theft were especially useful.

MaryGrace G.

I thought this course was very informative, I would definitely recommend it to a friend to prevent debt

Colleen A.

Thank You ! I WILL use these tools to stay out of debt !!!

DeeAnne J.

If I would have know all the information I read in this course from the start I wouldn’t have gone through this rough time in my life. I beleive this course will be useful to me in the future. Thank you for this course.

Angel D.

I am now better prepared to deal with my finances the right way and to not get myself in trouble again. Thank you.

Gabriel B.

Great class, well worth the money!!!!

Roger S.

Very Informative, Thank you!

Charles A.

This really helped me in my desire to change the way I manage not only my money but my life. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Emma V.

I would highly recommend. The written explanation is very simple to understand.

Maria P.

Exceptional coursework that should be taught to all high school and college students as part of Life Preparedness!!!!

Deborah V.